Dan Buri Halloween Live@Privi

Connected presents a DAN BURI Halloween a themed intimate night of epic proportions! Anyone who was at Dan's last Privi adventure will never forget the experience! Are you Privi? A late night juggernaut responsible for the proliferation of techno in Bangkok, Dan Buri is like the city having its own Berlin resident DJ at its … Continue reading Dan Buri Halloween Live@Privi

Musing with Privi: Garry Tee

By Lloyd Green Meet the man behind the soulful beats of Drift’s Sunday Brunch and Friday Night sessions. A DJ still searching for those golden tracks to light up your night. IF Garry Tee was a song he would rollick into the night like a shooting star, bound by no particular direction, fuelling a sense … Continue reading Musing with Privi: Garry Tee

Victor G Live@Privi

By Lloyd Green The name Victor G resonates strongly within the Malaysian underground music scene. When you think house, when you think techno; those groovy vibes early of a morning at Elysium, Blue Elephant, Pisco or back in day the Backroom and Euphoria, there’s one man that stands out. Much like Carl Cox, Peter Tong … Continue reading Victor G Live@Privi