ClandestineArtists & Connected Presents

The big names continue to roll into Kuala Lumpur with ClandestineArtists and Connected presenting the one and only Maher Daniel.

On the verge of releasing his album, Feelings from the Other Side, Maher Daniel is at the top of his game and will unleash his eclectic sounds at a special live recording at Privi on Friday Nov 4.

San Francisco born, Montreal raised DJ and Producer Maher Daniel has been gaining substantial recognition in the past few years in the techno and house scene and Connected is privileged to be able to bring this amazing talent to Malaysia.

He has played alongside Richie Hawtin, Jamie Jones and Sacha to name a few and his energy and intensity has left a mark on all that have seen him in action.

It is this wonderful mix of performer and creationist that the team at Connected look for at their sell out parties.

Maher Daniel will also be lighting up Elysium Bar+Terrace later that night until the early hours of the morning, supported by Connected’s Niall F and Anthony J as well as Obadius.

Register your interest for the Maher Daniel Live@privi – Invite Only event Friday Nov 4 from 10pm. Supported by Connected and Privi’s very own Hijack.

WHAT: Daniel Maher Live@privi – Invite Only

WHEN: Friday Nov 4 10pm

WHERE: Privi

As is the norm with all Privi parties — sharing in the knowledge of something secret — entry is INVITE ONLY. So, get in touch with us via the Maher Daniel Live@privi – Invite Only Facebook event page or register at our contact page on the website.

It’s completely FREE because our aim is passion, music and nothing else. Space is limited!



Maher Daniel:

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