2018 has seen Rob G play at Sweatbox (Elysium), Daydream Island festival Langkawi, Daydream afterparty, Le Noir rooftop, Como, Pisco and of course his very own Privi where regular live streams can be found from local and international underground stars

Rob G has been involved in the scene for over 20 years. First, growing up in Adelaide where the unusual combination of live bands and hardcore dance music played a large roll in his formative years before moving to Sydney where house music and tech house dominated his experiences, Rob G has an energetic up lifting edge with his deep driving, techno and tech House brand of music, he brings an energy and excitement into his live performances

His Remixes and original tracks are a frequent part of his sets and we may see his first official release in Dec 2018. Sounds of Silence remix, Gently to the Breach dear friend, and Its not over until i win are some of his original and unofficial remix collection

His mission of “amazing things, with amazing people” rings true in everything he does; nothing more so than when it comes to music and DJing with the Connected crew of Niall F, Anthony J, Dr G and they people they play with.

As he says, “I want people to feel what i feel when i hear the music. I want people to love it as much as i do. Thats the goal” and his excitement is contagious.

Connected is committed to doing exactly that as well as the platform for bringing like-minded people from Malaysia and around the region to share, indulge and express themselves in ways that will enliven the experience of other people.

“We aim to create immersive experiences where ever we play”