Anthony J refuses to fall into a singular category, taking his musical influences from many different sources and incorporating them into his infectious DJ sets by forging a perfect balance of Electronica, House and his beloved Techno.

Hailing from Halifax in Canada, Anthony J discovered the power of electronic music when he attended his first underground rave in Paris in 1998. “I had no idea what was going on,” he says.

Anthony J gained further exposure when he moved to the bright lights of Calgary in 1999. He remembers DJs of the time such as local product Tall Paul and when German Grammy Award-winning DJ, record producer and musician Paul Van Dyk played in Calgary.

“Seeing Paul Van Dyk in Calgary was inspirational, especially when he played For an Angel. When all this started I was really big into Trance. It felt like a much bigger genre in those days.”

His successful professional career later gave him the opportunity to travel the world, continuing to experience the beauty of the underground scene and in 2007 he finally had the chance to start his spinning journey. He has never looked back.

Learning by process of beat matching by ear, Anthony J began his DJ education under the tutelage of renowned KL Hip-Hop DJ, DJ Fuzz. Two years later, he found himself in Cairo and integrated with the DJ community there, continuing to practice, grow and expand as a DJ.

In 2012, he graduated from the Ministry of Sound DJ Academy in Cairo — a world class DJ and production course led by DJ and producer Andy Woods / DARKND (UK) and DJ, producer and academy owner DJ Ebbo (EGY).

After returning to KL in late 2012, he quickly reconnected with the local DJ community and by utilising his skill, passion and unique sound he found himself regularly behind the decks at Zouk, Pisco, Privi, Como, Mantra, Elysium, Axis and Spin (Bangkok), Chaos9 (Bangkok) and 1929 (Singapore).

In addition to his regular gigs, over the last few months he has teamed up with UK natives Niall F and Dr. G and Australian Rob G aka Hijack to form “Connected”, a collaboration committed to bringing together local, regional and international DJs and producers and highlighting their talent to the music lovers of KL.

On rare occasions, Anthony J can be found playing a deep melodic B2B after hour set with the one and only Obadius.