What Is Connected?

Connected is a group of DJs and music lovers committed to promoting the music they love in the place they love, Kuala Lumpur.

The eclectic quartet of Anthony J, Niall F, Dr. G and Rob G aka Hijack have collaborated on the basis of connecting people through the one medium that extends to every facet of life, music.

Their goal is simple; create amazing experiences and positively impact those they come in contact with. Young and old, married and single, straight and gay, students and professionals, men and women.

The guys are driven to “connect” the DJs, artists and producers with all these people, using the common thread of the love of the music — in particular House, Tech House, Deep House and Techno.

Mixed with their knowledge of the underground DJ and electronic music scene in KL, it’s a project that will not only see international acts from all over the world grace the decks at established venues across the city, but will help unearth new talent and give space for the younger music lovers and promoters to establish KL as the new hub of electronic music in Asia.