Privi X Detour Asia presents SoundLab Malam Merdeka 

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With an expanding sound focus in Asia, well-known music and art enthusiasts from around the world have come to together to deliver a unique project that is set to have tongues wagging.

SoundLab is the result of 15 emerging artists who found themselves in a tropical jungle paradise in Malaysia, embarking on an intercultural journey where harmonies, beats and — most importantly — awesome people, fused together to create a sound and experience like no other.

Privi SoundLab

The project, spearheaded by CEE and Darren Ashley who form the duo Bass Sekolah came together early this year and with the support of berlin based organisation Border Movement and arts and cultural division of Germany, the Goethe Institut.

The idea was simple, to bring everyone together, throw them in a room and see what the outcome would be, and the end result was surreal.

The crew were immersed in their environment, waking up at the crack of dawn; sitting down, jamming, writing and composing daily anthems that not only captured the flair and flavour of their cultures but also samples of the nature around them.

The super-group featured a who’s who of underground artists from near and far including: Born in Flames — Germany, Nadia Reid — New Zealand, Dizz1 — Australia, Vendetta — Singapore, Space 360 — Thailand, Nguyen Hong Giang — Vietnam and Similar Objects — Philippines.

Plus local acts such as Najwa Mahiaddin, The Basement Syndicate’s Fook, Bass Sekolah and Dea & Darko C.

To promote the initiative, Privi is hosting our first showcase event of the year inviting members of SoundLab 2016 to mix it with our own team of eclectic resident DJs to produce a night of live home-grown music not be missed.

Combining talent, passion, and an amazing live experience, Privi X Detour Asia presents SoundLab Malam Merdeka is your must stop music destination this Merdeka holiday on Aug 30th in Kuala Lumpur.

Tearing a storm from early evening will be SoundLab stars Najwa Mahiaddin, CEE, FOOK and Santoerna & REESH who will perform a LIVE recorded three hour set before we get silly with special back to back sets by house favourites Niall F, Hijack, LZZY, RIMKA, Jonny Vicious and Obadius.

As is the norm with all our Privi parties — sharing in the knowledge of something secret — entry is INVITE ONLY. So, get in touch with us via our Privi X DetourAsia pres. SoundLab Malam Merdeka Facebook event page or register at our contact page.

It’s completely FREE because our aim is passion, music and nothing else. Space is limited!

Privi Presents SoundLab Malam Merdeka

To whet your appetite, check out some of SoundLab 2016’s sensual beats recorded at their jungle base:

Powered by Pioneer, Pulse Radio, Detour Asia and Border Movement.

Special thanks to The Dusun.


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