Unique sounds of Sunju Hargun headed to KL’s Privi

The term international DJ gets thrown around quite regularly these days.
Sunju live@Privi
With EDM and techno sounds dominating the underground music landscape, artists from all corners of the globe are venturing overseas to ply their trade.
DJs from North America and Europe have led the charge, establishing an international following. Now, an influx of Asian-based DJs are entering the equation and are bringing with them a truly international sound.
Renowned Bangkok DJ Sunju Hargun is one such talent. Sunju will be showcasing his sound for a live recording at the invite only, boutique Privi night club in Kuala Lumpur on May 6 and says the opportunity to bring his unique techno-punk, minimal-infused sound to Malaysia is very exciting.
“I’m always trying to evolve. Every year I try to find something new to showcase to my audience and it keeps me challenged. At the moment I’m doing this by incorporating a lot of styles under the electronic music tree and fusing them together keeping an open mind when I play,” Sunju says.
“Asia has a very proud music culture and DJs from this region are getting more popular. As an artist I get bored quite easily so I’m always trying new things and experimenting with my sound which I say is left-field, underground punk and that’s what makes me and other Asian DJs unique.”
Privi Kuala Lumpur
Sunju’s music is deeply rooted in techno, but his grooves and minimal sounding sub bass-lines can be traced back to his childhood and musical influences from his father.
Born to Indian parents and raised in Bangkok, Sunju spent a lot of his youth at his father’s music store learning the drums and jamming with his dad, a blues and roots guitarist. It was here, combined with his father’s passion for heavy metal and punk music, that his musical influences formed.
“I used to go to my father’s studio all the time and he trained me to be a drummer, so music has been in my blood since a young age,” he says.
“I started to DJ as a hobby but then I became addicted to it. So I decided to use that special force of music and create something of my own and eventually I turned professional.”
Sunju has played in KL earlier this year at Pisco Bar together with Daniel Sanchez from Holland and believes the Malaysian electronic music scene seems exciting and promising.
“It’s a fresh scene there and the house and techno movement is really starting to grow. I’ve played at Pisco before and been to Elysium and have seen people reacting well to the music and for me that is a positive sign,” he says.
“This live recording at Privi is something I’m really looking forward to and as always I’m hoping to give the KL crowd a bit of everything. But I want to execute at the same time and getting that balance is important.
“We as DJs have the chance to give people something new and take them into a different universe. As a result I bring something special to the table each time.
“This is all part of my long term plan as I want to finish my projects here in Asia and then really focus on tapping into markets like South America and the USA.”
Connected presents Sunju Hargun — Live Set Recording at Privi between 10pm and 2pm on Friday May 6.
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